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MyAnatomy Direct provides test modules for your skill enhancement and experience the actual test before hand.

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Accenture, MindTree, Avsoft ...

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Campus Specific

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  • Exadatum Testimonial

    Abhijeet Shingate Founder and Director at Exadatum

    I am very happy with the platform. It gave us an opportunity to get in touch with large candidate base for technical evaluations. We could recruit some good talent with your help. Goodjob creating such a amazing platform!! Keep it up!!

  • BakerHill Testimonial

    Rashmi Sinha Sr. Manager HR, BakerHill

    We have been partnering with MyAnatomy for last almost 2 years for our online testing services for recruitment. We have never ever faced any challenge with the software and if there was any it was resolved within 1hr of time. Your customer support was extremely delightful . I have and will further also recommend your services for online recruitment test services online as well as offline support while our campus recruitment. Congratulations for having the best team and keep up the good work ongoing. Look forward to a never eneding relationship with MyAnatomy and its team. All the Best!!!

  • Tavisca Solutions Testimonial

    Manav Prasad Head HR, Tavisca Solutions Pvt. Ltd

    We are delighted to engage with MyAnatomy for our Online assessments for hiring. The platform has really helped us in reaching out to the best available talents and assess them and have found the platform very robust. We are really impressed with company's knowledge and professionalism. Whenever we have encountered any challenge MyAnatomy has came with an alternate and a better solution.Overall we had a delightful experience with them. Thanks for all the support and hoping for similar partnership in future.

  • Epam Testimonial

    Emmanuel Gosula Senior Manager RM, EPAM Systems

    MyAnantomy has provided user friendly platform to customize our own coding challenges on the web platform.Support team was available whenever major off-campus drives were planned,excellent team work among your employees. Keep up the great work. Looking forward for the new features on the platform.

  • Juspay Testimonial

    Shipra Pandit Head HR, Juspay

    We always have a pleasure working with you. Please find our experience working with My ANATOMY.

    My ANATOMY is very - cooperative throughout the process of hiring. They are very affable and always available. I appreciate the team's commitment, support, and their excellent "client first" mentality!

  • GS Lab Testimonial

    Priyasha Pai TAG, GS Lab

    Many thanks for an excellent and committed service from My Anatomy Team . I found the hospitality and Integrity as top services from them and also the fact that we were able to complete our drives hassle-free. I will certainly recommend this team for Campus Interview service across all my Corporate Contacts.


  • Deepa Gupta CalSoft inc

    Candidate Testimonials

    Best place for a job seeker who has the ability to provethemselves.I think everyoneshould have toregister with MyAnatomy.It is a great platform for students where they can expand their abilities and also can getopportunity for their future career.

  • Gourav Shrivastava CalSoft inc

    Candidate Testimonials

    MyAnatomy provides various campus opportunities and candidates are shortlisted on the basis of their tests.The level of their tests are neither easy nor that much difficult. If a student can score well in that test,he/she can get various opportunities from top MNCs.

  • Ayush Soni CalSoft inc

    Candidate Testimonials

    MyAnatomy provides a good platform for the fresher to get various opportunities. It also helps the individual to get a fresh start towards the career. It helps me a lot, thanks MyAnatomy for all the support.

  • Ravi Shankar CalSoft inc

    Candidate Testimonials

    I really feel obliged. Interview process was quite good. Lot of things comes to learn. I think, MyAnatomy is a good platform for freshers to move toward corporate world.

  • Mohit Prasanth Kalahasthi Juspay

    Candidate Testimonials

    If the last voice call round is conducted on the same day of exam, It will be good, Need to give some break between every new session. Apart from that every thing is good

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